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With XPS Health the Malmö Redhawks staff can truly keep everything they do in one system instead of having it spread out across multiple different systems. This has saved vital time and energy that the coaches and medical staff need to work directly with the athletes. 

We wanted everything in one place, so we went with XPS.

- Jonathan Bengtsonn, Head of Medical Team

The XPS Health dashboard allows both coaches and medical staff to view player availability and health status for competition. The overview bar shows the number of players unavailable due to injury or illness for a quick-glance look. Coaches can then view the “player card” where it is possible to view more details on past and current injuries and illnesses.  

Coaches at Redhawks can then take a deeper look into the nature, causes and details on current injuries for any player. They can see how and when the injury occurred; where it is and its severity. Medical staff are also tracking pain levels day-to-day. 

XPS Health is a great interface for coaches and medical staff. It’s very easy for medical staff to notify coaches of expected return to play dates as well as any notes that the coach needs to know about. Redhawks staff particularly like that attachments, such as MRI and Ultrasound scans that can be added to the reports as well as treatment updates for long-term injuries.

“We can gather all this information [on injuries and illnesses] in one place.”

- Jonathan Bengtsonn, Head of Medical Team

Logging new injuries, illnesses, or treatments is very easy and extremely important for medical staff to be able to do so that the performance coaching team are kept informed about anything that may affect the performance of their athletes. For example, making note of allergies ensures that staff are kept informed prior to any course of treatment. 

Lastly for XPS Health, the Redhawks medical staff run end-of-season reports to evaluate whether their rehabilitation protocols have worked out as expected, or if there are areas for improvement for the following season.

We can follow up with our players in a better way, both on the medical side and correlate it with the performance team at Malmo Redhawks.

- Jonathan Bengtsonn, Head of Medical Team

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