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Hamburg Handball aims to create longevity and keep its players for the long-term. XPS plays a big part in that process as coaches work together with athletes to build strong relationships and show that progress is being made day-by-day.

At Hamburg Handball, XPS Monitoring plays a big role in building that coach-athlete relationship. By maintaining oversight over the players’ daily progress, coaches can tailor programming to the needs of the athletes.

Everyday there will be challenges with particular players, but with XPS’s monitoring area, coaches can quickly and easily understand which players they may need to speak with before training, or provide alternative plans for.

XPS Health is another big reason why coaches have such a good handle on the players’ development. The traffic-light system of Red-Amber-Green makes it easy for coaches to get a snap-shot of player availability for training and games.

With so much information flying around, XPS makes it easy for the medical staff to communicate with the coaches about injuries and health status of the players. 

Effective communication between the coach and athletic trainer is crucial in ensuring the players are monitored and analysed daily.

Stefan Schroder, Coach

By keeping everything in one place, Hamburg staff and coaches make it easy for the players. All communication is done through the app and all records are kept on the system, which helps the staff to stay organised and provide the best possible feedback to the athletes.

We’ve now digitised the whole training process using XPS.

Sven Rusbult, Youth Co-ordinator

Thanks to Hamburg’s extensive library of drills, tactics and activities, working with the youth coaches has become so much easier! Using XPS Network, Hamburg is developing the next generation of coaches.

Not only can the club use the tool with its full time staff, but they are also able to help educate their volunteer coaches, with access to a resource bank that can help to upskill them and better coach the athletes at Hamburg.

XPS enables Hamburg to make sure that the correct material is utilised for the appropriate age groups and skill levels.

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