XPS is so much more than just a video editor!


Umeå BSKT, who are playing in Swedish Basketligan have always been among the best users of our Video Analysis features. The club coaching staff make great use of the XPS Video Analyzer and Presenter as tools for breaking down game films and creating educational content for their players. 

Players, of course, have access to XPS through their mobile app and can stay connected to the team 24/7. The Coaching staff use XPS to communicate the schedule and team practice information, but also to send videos and any other bits of information that they need to share with the players. This is why XPS has become so important for the club! 

I think XPS has become essential for us since you can be connected with the whole team and all the players and staff.

- Boris Balibrea, Head Coach

In the Analyzer, coach Boris Balibrea has everything nicely organised into folders for easy access to the wealth of clips the team has stored. When tagging, coach Balibrea has a customised formula which allows him and the staff to tag exactly what is needed.

As a part of the formula, they also have specific player tags which can be shared directly with the players if the coaching staff wish. 

Not only are Umeå BSKT able to tag clips and sort for specific actions, situations or individual players, but the coaches are then able to use the XPS Presenter to create videos that are ready to be shown in a scouting report or video session with the team.

We have built our own tagging formulas in XPS Analyser where we have all the attack, defense and transition situations.

- Boris Balibrea, Head Coach

Coaches are able to draw on the video, annotate and use voice overs that bring the film to life, making everything easier to understand for the players.

Inside XPS itself, coach Balibrea has created hundreds of folders in the “Collections” Area for storing and sharing with the players. At the click of a button, he is able to access clips tagged from previous games on almost any topic and share with individuals as he chooses.

As you can see from coach Balibrea and Umeå BSKT, XPS brings it all together. 

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